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Julie Archer

About Me

“I worked in the airline industry for many years, lastly as Cabin Crew with a large International airline. The continual jet lag and both physical/mental stress put a terrific strain on our bodies. During one long flight I had a terrible migraine, a fellow crew member offered to help me with Reiki. My migraine lifted and I was eager to find out more. So, over 15 years ago I started my Reiki journey with Reiki Master, Jane Raworth, a member of the Reiki Alliance, I attained Reiki level 2 practitioner with her.
Circumstances led me to have to leave the job I loved, to look after my Mother, her health was deteriorating and she was diagnosed with dementia. I became her full time carer, it was hard work but I have no regrets.
When my mother passed, I felt the time was right to continue my Reiki journey, and progress to Master. As Jane had also passed away I searched for a new teacher and found Amanda White, Usui Reiki Academy Surrey, with whom I had the pleasure of attaining my Reiki Master/Teacher. I am now trained in both Western and Eastern versions of Reiki and through both of my Masters, can trace my Reiki lineage back to Mikao Usui.
I moved from Surrey to West Sussex in April 2021. My new home and garden needed quite a few renovations which meant I put opening my reiki studio on hold until September 2021.
I now have a dedicated reiki studio/treatment room with a separate entrance and en-suite bathroom.
I am a Master/Teacher member of the UK Reiki Federation and am fully insured.”

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Origins Of Reiki


Mikao Usui

Memorial Stone


Reiki means universal energy, it was founded by Mikao Usui in Japan. Sensei Usui was a devout Tendai Buddhist and studied in a Buddhist monastery where he learned many martial arts. It is believed that he was descended from an influential Samurai clan so would have been trained in Bushido, the ethical warrior code. He was very interested in medicine, psychology and theology. It was his desire to find a method of healing that was unattached to any specific religion or belief and would be accessible to everyone.

After a significant set back in his life he went to Mount Kurama where he undertook a period of intense fasting and meditation. It was during this time that he received the insight that would lead to the development of reiki as a spiritual practice and hands on healing.
Dr Usui later established a clinic for healing and teaching Reiki in Kyoto.

Reiki, once closely guarded and known only to a few chosen adepts has since spread to the West and been adapted to incorporate many different aspects from Angels to Crystals.
I have direct reiki lineage to Mikao Usui and like to honour his original teachings that reiki is both a spiritual practice as well as a healing modality.

Reiki Treatments


Before your reiki treatment we have a consultation to ascertain your goals and expectations, there will also be a couple of forms to be completed, this takes anywhere between 10-20 mins as nothing is rushed. All reiki treatments are received fully clothed, comfortable and loose fitting clothing is advisable, the only things you remove are your shoes.
You’ll be made comfortable on a massage bed and covered with a light blanket. There is soft lighting and soft music playing, all designed to help you relax. The treatment itself lasts about an hour.
As I use both Western and Eastern Reiki practices, I use both the hands on and hands off approach. If you do not wish to be touched, the treatment can be fully ‘hands off’, just let me know at the time of booking. There is no massage or manipulation involved.
Your body uses the Reiki Energy to heal itself. It is a non invasive, gentle but very effective treatment with no contra-indications. Experiences vary from client to client and even from each treatment. Many experience heat where my hands are located, others see colours or lights, some nothing but a sense of deep relaxation. After the treatment, you’ll be encouraged to drink some water and regain your grounding before heading out. I usually allow at least two hours for a treatment and consultation and will only see 2-3 clients a day so you will not be hurried out.
As a Reiki Therapist, I do not diagnose and I do not claim to cure. I work in conjunction with Medical professionals, providing a Complementary Therapy not an alternative.

Treatment Studio

Reiki Precepts

Just For Today
Do Not Anger
Do Not Worry
Be Grateful
Work Honestly
Be Kind To All Living Things

Reiki is a powerful but gentle treatment that aids your body to heal itself.  It is suitable for all ages and conditions, there are no contrainidications.  It is particularly beneficial for the treatment of stress and stress related complaints